Rob has a beautiful wife of 17 years, Mary and 4 amazing sons, Noah 15, Samuel 13, Elijah 9 and Levi 6.  Rob believes that one of his greatest gifts and life’s pursuit is working with and encouraging others to do great things.  He loves music, the arts and interior design.  He is also passionate about building relationships and meeting new and interesting people.  His hope is that he can use his gifts and passions to spread the incredible message of freedom that is found through truth, love, grace and persistence to as many people as possible.  He has served our amazing country with the USMC during Desert Storm, served
as a worship/music leader and strategic planner in Hungary and in the US and is currently serving his community in small town America as the Director of Redevelopment (Shelbyville, IN).
His recent projects are http://www.experienceshelbycounty.com and ShelbyvilleCityVoice, marketing and social media sites he is collaboratively working on for the City of Shelbyville, IN and Shelby County, as the Director of Redevelopment.  He also co wrote, recorded two original songs: “Lifting Me Up” and “Change In Me” as part of A Beautiful Rebellion.

“God has blessed me with an incredible wife, four amazing sons and a faithful dog.”

“One of my greatest desires right now is for the Lord to heal our son Samuel of Muscular Dystrophy (MDA) and for a medical breakthrough to end this disease and rescue all the other children and families that are fighting this fight!”

“We were never promised a perfect life, but we are all part of a bigger story… every life is an incredible chapter being written and waiting to be told…”

A new FAVORITE PLACE is Edinburgh, Scotland.  Here is a short video of my time there and how it has already had an amazing impact upon my family… “A GIFT A BLESSING AND A CHALLENGE TO STAND”

Interests: Jesus, people, the Bible, family, singer/song writer, host/MC events, music, theater, art, interior design, cycling, water/snow skiing, tennis, education, places & things that are old, new and interesting…

Email: proverbs2121@me.com

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