A Good Day to Start…

Until today, every time i would stop to think, “I should start a blog,” immediately a distraction or pressing need would interrupt my thoughts or the time just never seemed right… also, I was not sure ‘how’ to start or research enough to decide which one of the numerous blogging forums to use…

…then this morning as I as found myself in a quiet moment with the rain softly tapping the window of my favorite room in our house… sitting in my favorite chair I ran across a pastor and church that I have been somewhat stalking; Paul Stewart and the gateway church in Des Moines, IA… http://www.thegatewaychurch.com/

…Paul does not know me and I only know of him by happening upon the church website one day… I was immediately attracted to the beautiful, eclectic and creative presentation of the gospel through their website and a noticeable freedom and cool understanding of God…

Sooo when I noticed that Paul was blogging using typepad (I decided to go with word press… more compatible with my ipad2) I thought… why not… today’s a good day to start…

Jeremiah 29:11-13


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