Sometimes We Are Just Afraid of the Wrong Thing(s)…

as I was reading through the Bible this morning about Job’s search for wisdom and understanding and his struggle with fear I was immediately mindful of my conversation with my oldest son Noah last night…

you see Noah is in a challenging class this year (5th grade ae) and told his teacher he was probably not smart enough to be in the class… when I asked him why he said that to his teacher and what was he afraid of (I pretty much new why, since he is just like me and I’ve been in the same position too many times to count…)’ he said, “dad, all the kids are saying I shouldn’t be in such a smart class and if this is true then I’d prefer it to be my decision to drop out rather than get kicked out if I fail and the kids have even more reason to give me a hard time…”

you have to know how much… how desperately I love this amazingly, beautiful, smart, incredible son of mine… to know all the thoughts and emotions going on inside my heart and head at that moment… however, my response was, “Noah, first in the face of any fear, and life is going to be full of them, never admit defeat to your enemy(s)… but know where to run for help… second, there is no such thing as being smart enough, you can (and should) only do your best and treat others with humility and respect… lastly, your mother and I love you and have your back… we will never expect you to do more than your best and be kind and respectful to others…”

I gave him a big hug, we prayed together and finished practicing guitar together and he ran down stairs to play before dinner…

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized how much and how often I’m afraid of situations and instead of running to God for wisdom and knowledge I try to find my own way out (just like Noah in his 5th grade ae class…) the truth is, Noah and I (and perhaps you too) are fearing the wrong thing(s)…

there’s nothing wrong with fear, infact fear is an answer not a roadblock… we have been fearing the wrong things…

Job 28:12-13, 23, 28

Lord, help us to fear you and lead us to Your wisdom and understanding…”

Aug 28, 2012

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